For over a decade now Tesla as been kind of the out-layer of the auto industry. People watched with an interested from a far not knowing what to except or even make of their strange all electric cars. Tesla is weird when it comes to how to start a car company. For starters they are a California company tech startup, which was founded from scratch by a visionary billionaire as a side project. Fast forward today, they have sold 100,000 cars world wide, and have become a household name. no

It took the traditional German heavy hitters a few years to catch up and realize that Tesla was beginning to dip directly into their customer pool. Many people, went from a high end Mercedes or BMW to making the switch to the Tesla Model S. Tesla has also done something no one has ever done and that is not make an ugly hatchback that is limited to city use; rather they made an all electric luxury car with sleek appeal, and a range of over 200 miles. Not to mention an huge screen that is a kind of command center for your cars performance, as well as all the gauges you are likely to find on any standard luxury car.

Now the Germans are planning their Tesla competition to take place sometime in 2018. Among these auto makers there is no one more ambitious with their plans than BMW. Their first attempt was in 2014 with the i3, which was a technically advance electric hatchback which is actually the most fuel efficient car on sale in the US today.However, the car never really took off as being as popular as they hoped, which left the Germans scratching their heads in confusion. The reason being, is that they made a car that would do great in a science fair and among other engineers, but that’s not who is going to buy these cars. What they needed to do is take a page out of Tesla’s playbook and make a luxury car fitting for the people who are willing to dole out the money for an electric car.  BMWi5

Thus BMW drops their all new luxury model that will get a respectable 115 miles per charge. it will have a sleek carbon fiber and plastic body, that runs on aluminum gears and frame which will radically improve its efficiency. Global gas prices will surely affect the speed of innovation.

Tesla Motors claims that it has crossed over 400,000 pre-orders for its Model 3 with a $1,000 down deposit. Which won’t be delivered for over 2 years. What this will do is pretty smart on the part of Tesla because it is a small enough investment for people to make to ensure they actually do it, and it is going to keep those who would have otherwise bought a car within the next two years wait. That is a big blow to Germans who were trying to budge into the market during this period, so Tesla has essentially taken 400,000 potential electric car buyers out of the market, and made the pool that much smaller for the Germans.